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1. Where can I buy MTA Gift Vouchers?

MTA Gift Vouchers can be purchased several ways;

  • From an MTA member stockist
  • Buy online (for orders up to $1,500 once per day)
  • Visit us at MTA Offices – Level 6, North Tower, Datacom House, 68-86 Jervois Quay, Wellington
  • Corporate or business buyers phone 04 3858859 and talk to us about your needs.

2. Can I redeem MTA Gift Vouchers at any member for everything?

Yes, but it’s best to say 'almost anything' as it is at the MTA members discretion, being the business owner, but a huge range of products and services can be purchased; from fuel to groceries, vehicle servicing, repairs and WoF’s, plus vehicle accessories and even a car if you have enough vouchers!

3. What do I do if I have a problem with work done by or a product sold by an MTA member?

In the first instance go back to where you purchased, serviced or had your vehicle repaired, and speak to the owner as to what the issue is and how it can be resolved. If you are not satisfied with the response then contact the MTA mediation service on 0508 682 633. We have specialists that can take your complaint and work with you and the MTA member to reach a resolution. More information can be found on the mediation page.

4. Who can belong to MTA?

Any industry related business who meets our standards can be part of MTA’s diverse membership.

5. What are the obligations of being an MTA member?

Every member must maintain a high level of ethical behaviour as outlined in the Code of Ethics and the MTA Rules and Bylaws.

6. Who should I contact if I want to join MTA?

MTA has Membership Advisors who are responsible for our members in various geographical territories throughout New Zealand. Contact your nearest Membership Advisor whose details are on this website, or are available by phoning MTA on (04) 385 8859.

7. Does the government provide any funding for MTA?

No, MTA receives no funding from Government. Instead it relies on a combination of member subscriptions and its own commercial activities to generate revenue.

8. When should I contact MTA and what for? Or how can MTA help me?

Should you not be satisfied with the work or service performed by an MTA member then contact us on 0508 682 633 to seek advice. We can listen to your query and give advice as to what you should do next or assist in contacting the member and endeavour to reach an amicable resolution.

9. How can I find an MTA member in my town?

Click on the Find an MTA member button at the top of every page. Input your location, select a category, and subcategory if you wish, along with any keywords and click on Search. You will then have displayed the closest 25 MTA members to your location found under the search parameters.