February 2024

Bindon Auto Electrical

With a reputation for excellence that far exceeds their location, owner Bryce Bindon shares why this far North business has become a fixture in Whangarei.

The name Bindon has been associated with auto electrical excellence in Whangarei for more than 90 years. 

My grandfather started the business in 1932, and my dad and uncle both worked here. I’ve worked here for more than 30 years myself. 

We are specialists in auto electrical, air conditioning and diagnosis and repair of automotive faults. I reckon we must have helped thousands of Northland drivers over the years. 

There’s eight of us here and we’ve got a great modern workshop that’s easy for us, and for customers. 

For example, we have doors at both sides of the workshop so customers can drive in, unhook their caravan if they need to and drive out the other side, rather than making a tricky five-point turn. 

Some of the local car enthusiasts like our building so much they photograph their cars against it at night, because it looks really cool when it’s all lit up. 

We feel we’re a bit of a fixture here in Whangarei. We wouldn’t have been around as long as we have, if people didn’t trust us to do a good job for them. That’s really important to us.

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Bryce Bindon

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The team at Bindon Auto Electrical

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