February 2024

Adamsons Service Station

Brian Adamson, owner of Adamsons Service Station in Featherston, shares his story of how a small business started in 1927 and continues to give the best in service.

There used to be five petrol stations in Featherston – now we’re the only one. We’re proud to be the last station standing. 

My grandfather had a small garage in Featherston, then started up this business in 1927. My father and brother have both worked here. 

We offer real service. I have great staff and we will fill customers’ tanks, clean their windscreens for them, all the same things that we did in the old days. 

I might be in my eighties but I still come in every Saturday to balance the till and have a chat to the customers. 

My manager Maria Berry has been a Godsend and does a wonderful job of running the business. The local Fire Chief was a mechanic who ran the workshop for 40 years. 

Living in this part of the country was a good safe place to bring up kids. I’ve been very involved in the community, on the local council and as deputy mayor. 

You can’t miss us if you’re travelling through Featherston. 

We’re about as Featherston as it gets, and everyone who comes in gets the same top service.

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Adamsons Service Station back in the day

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Adamsons Service Station Brian and Maria

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