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Sustainability and MTA

Sustainability is a word we’re all hearing a lot more of. Whether it’s disposing of household rubbish or big Government policies, sustainability is on everyone’s mind.

That’s true of MTA too. 

We are very proud of our history, and the history of the automotive trade in New Zealand. That history is firmly rooted in the internal combustion engine (ICE), which has powered our industry and carried our families around the country.

But times are changing, and changing fast.

The Government has set ambitious targets to combat climate change and harmful emissions.

MTA supports this policy and firmly believes in a sustainable future.

Our national fleet, which is dominated by ICE vehicles, is changing, and the pace of change is accelerating.

Hybrids and EVs, are becoming an increasingly common sight on our roads. Charging stations are popping up everywhere.

ICE vehicles are themselves becoming more fuel efficient and safe for the environment.

Ensuring these vehicles play their part in reducing emissions is also key. Regular servicing and maintenance of ICE vehicles can make a significant difference to emissions, and we work actively to encourage motorists to make their contribution to sustainability. Keeping an ICE vehicle serviced makes economic sense too – a fuel efficient engine is cheaper to run.

There is a strong economic argument for our industry embracing sustainability too.

Consumers in all fields are increasingly choosing to spend their money on goods and services that are environmentally responsible, and with organisations that embrace good practice.

MTA believes sustainability:

  • Ensures a healthy, clean world for generations to come
  • Is socially responsible
  • Makes good business sense.

MTA is at the start of our environmental journey. We support members who are on the same pathway.

Watch this space for more news and progress in this exciting area of MTA’s work.