20 May 2024

Cost of Crime

Many service stations have been the victims of violent and frightening robberies this year. The number of attacks is truly shocking. Each one traumatises workers and damages the business of hard-working New Zealanders.


MTA is calling on Government to take urgent action to keep service stations safe, and stop this crime.

Service stations are a vital part of the community. They keep people moving. When they are forced to close because of damage caused by criminals, everyone suffers.

We helped convince the previous Government to add small service stations to the fog cannon subsidy. But that’s not enough. There needs to be greater protection and financial support by way of tax breaks for service stations to protect themselves.

That’s why we’re keeping a count of the number of violent robberies at service stations. The counter is updated as per the date above. We’ll update it regularly and we’ll keep counting until the Government acts.

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