18 April 2023

MTA Welcomes Driver Licence Changes

Getting a Driver Licence is an essential rite of passage for many Kiwis and cost shouldn’t be an obstacle, the Motor Trade Association (MTA) says.


That’s why MTA is applauding the announcement that the Driver Licence will be more affordable for many young (and not so young) New Zealanders.

Advocacy and Stakeholder Manager Brian Anderton says New Zealand has one of the highest rates of vehicle use in the world – we have 889 vehicles per 1000 people.

“Because of our geography, population and industry, we have a lot of cars and a lot of people need to drive to earn a living or to connect with family,” Brian says.

“In the current cost of living climate, we don’t need licences to be out of reach for some Kiwis.

“Even more so, we don’t want unlicensed drivers on the road because they couldn’t afford a licence or a retest.”

Earlier today Transport Minister Michael Wood announced that from 1 October 2023, the average driver will save $86 when they successfully move through the graduated driver licensing system.

The average cost of a learner licence will decrease by $20, a restricted licence by $35, and a full licence by $31.

Resit fees for practical driver licence tests, which can be up to $87 each time, have been removed.

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