27 November 2023

Let's Get to Work - MTA to New Government

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) congratulates the new Government and looks forward to working together to ensure New Zealanders have the resilient, sustainable and competitive automotive industry that they deserve.

MTA Chief Executive Lee Marshall says there is a number of issues across a range of portfolios that the Government needs to tackle head on.

“We know that cost of living and inflation are hurting a lot of businesses and their people,” Lee says.

“Many of our members are also struggling to find enough skilled staff to fill their vacancies, so immigration settings and the efficiency of the system need urgent review.

“Crime is a big issue for many of our members, especially smaller service stations.

“The Warrant of Fitness regime is in need of overhaul, and more work must be done to reduce emissions in the fleet.

“And our industry needs a vocational education and training system that meets the needs of new learners, our fast-changing fleet, and changes in drive-train technology. 

“That’s quite a list but the good news for the Government is that we are here to work with them on all these issues and more.”

MTA built a good relationship with new Transport Minister, Simeon Brown, in opposition and Lee says he looks forward to working him.

“Both of us are in the people business – making sure all New Zealanders can travel safely around the country, for work or pleasure, not to mention the freight our country relies upon.

“The Minister has already shown a good understanding and commitment to our industry, and recognises that as the foremost automotive industry member organisation, we can work productively together.

“Because MTA represents the broadest spectrum of industry, it means everything we advocate for needs balance.  That’s good for us, and it’s good for the government.”

MTA is pleased with some of the policy signalled by the new Government, in particular:

  • The ambitious plan to install 10,000 new EV charging stations by 2030.
  • The shift towards electronic road user charging, beginning with electric vehicles.
  • The repeal of the Clean Car Discount by 31 December.

Lee says the plan to phase out the Clean Car Discount is one area where MTA can offer valuable advice, particularly around the other opportunities that can be explored to reduce the carbon output of the fleet.

Similarly, MTA also looks forward to getting around the table with new Ministers for Immigration, Environment, Commerce, Police and others.

“We’ve got a lot to offer this Government and look forward to achieving success together,” Lee says.

MTA released its list of priorities for the new Government earlier this year in their manifesto, Driving New Zealand Forward.

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