27 February 2024

MTA and CRA Join Forces

The Motor Trade Association and the Collision Repair Association are pleased to announce they have formally agreed to enter a partnership together.

MTA Chief Executive Lee Marshall says the collaboration by the two organisations, which sees CRA become a chapter of MTA, gives a stronger voice and united front to the collision repair sector.  

“Both organisations have the interests of the industry at heart, with excellent people in both organisations,” Lee says.

“It’s a no-brainer that we are stronger together, so joining forces is both logical and powerful. In coming together, we have essentially the entire collision repair market as members, and as such, can advocate effectively on behalf of the industry.”

CRA General Manager Stewart Gibb says a lot of work has gone into bringing the two organisations together. 

Photo: Lee Marshall (left) and Stewart Gibb shake on the deal“The CRA and MTA change is for the better, for the future and much of the benefit of working together will not be noticed until both organisations start working together,” Stewart says. 

“There was overwhelming support from our members for the partnership.”

The convergence of resources and co-branding will provide members on both sides with enhanced tools and support across quality, technical aspects, industry engagement, and dedicated industry training facilitated by I-CAR. 

All members will be given access to CRA's collision repair industry-specific business information, business networking events, buying privileges and templates.                                         Lee Marshall and Stewart Gibb shake on the deal.

Additionally, members will have access to MTA’s tools, learning and full members benefits. 

Both MTA and CRA have been strong supporters and advocates for the industry for more than 100 years.

The partnership means around 600 collision repair businesses will now carry the blue MTA badge, one of the country’s best-known quality marks, alongside the red CRA badge. The partnership officially begins on March 1.

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