9 May 2023

Driving New Zealand Forward: Future Proofing the Automotive Industry

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) is calling on the next Government to address several serious challenges facing the automotive industry.

MTA launched its strategic publication Driving New Zealand Forward: Future Proofing the Automotive Industry, at Parliament this evening.

The publication lays out challenges faced by the automotive industry and how the next Government must address them.

“A strong, healthy automotive industry isn’t just important to the thousands of Kiwis who work in it,” says MTA Chief Executive Lee Marshall.

“It’s essential for every community and family.

“We are a nation of motorists and travellers. We depend on driving to connect with loved ones, to deliver goods and services, and to explore our country.

“A strong automotive industry is one that’s committed to protecting everyone, whether that’s by making vehicles safer, creating strong and fair markets, or reducing harmful emissions and creating a safe environment for future generations.”

The automotive industry is a significant contributor to our economy. It employs 62,700 people, provides $30 billion of goods and services, and contributes $5.5 billion to Gross Domestic Product.

Driving New Zealand Forward: Future Proofing the Automotive Industry was launched at Parliament in a function attended Associate Transport Minister Kiritapu Allan, Green Party Transport Spokesperson Julie Anne Genter, National Transport Spokesperson Simeon Brown, and ACT Transport Spokesperson Simon Court.

MTA’s calls to the next Government include:

  • Phasing out the Clean Car Discount
  • Deferring the Clean Car Standard
  • Resetting the Warrant of Fitness
  • Expanding the Green List
  • Mandating emissions testing
  • Accelerating EV training

“We are ready to work with Government and all agencies and stakeholders to ensure New Zealand has the strong automotive industry it needs and deserves,” Lee says.

“The challenges are real but we have solutions that we believe will carry us into the future.”

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MTA at Parliament

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MTA CEO Lee Marshall

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ACT Transport Spokesperson Simon Court

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MTA President Bob Boniface and Wayne Cook

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