March 2023

MTA Standards

MTA members set the standard in New Zealand, delivering the best service and workmanship to Kiwis all around the country.

We operate to strict standards and you can find them all here.


MTA requires that each member:

  • Provide customers with high quality and honest service
  • work with integrity and adhere to MTA rules, bylaws and policies
  • ensure all business activities comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations
  • are good employers: complying with employment laws and providing training
  • ensure all advertising is accurate and not misleading
  • ensure all business dealings meet industry best practice
  • always work to positively promote the interests of the MTA brand
  • maintain accurate and proper financial and legal records and carry out all business transactions in a professional manner
  • price goods and services fairly and avoid deceptive pricing – adhere to relevant consumer laws
  • respond to all customer enquiries and seek to resolve any complaints
  • Provide a safe work environment: considering staff wellbeing; managing stress; providing safe facilities, equipment and protection from hazardous substances; and providing safe work practices and ensuring they are always used and adhered to.
  • Proactively uphold MTA Standards and actively engage with requests by MTA to measure and maintain these standards.


All of our members sign up to our MTA Customer Promise. It’s your guarantee of professional, fair and thorough service from your automotive professional.


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