19 May 2023

Women in Automotive New Zealand

MTA is proud to support the newly-formed collective known as Women in Automotive New Zealand, which aims to boost the number of women in our industry.

MTA Membership Growth Manager Amanda Wood, who sits on the group’s committee, says being part of this collective is an important part of MTA’s commitment to attract a young, diverse workforce.

“We are fully committed to creating an inclusive space that not only harnesses but also celebrates the unique skills and perspectives of women. Together, we are propelling the automotive industry in New Zealand towards strength and success, recognising, valuing, and leveraging the invaluable contributions of women for our collective achievements."

Currently women are under-represented in the industry: just 17% of the total automotive workforce is female, and only 6% of current apprentices are female.

Founding committee member Natasha Callister says: “Our purpose is to bring together organisations of influence behind a coordinated and aligned effort to deliver on the ambition of increasing the participation of women across the automotive industry, and advance women into senior leadership roles.

“We know that business owners want to understand how they can make their vehicle dealerships and workshop environments more inviting and comfortable; they understand that increasing the representation of women is not just the right thing to do but it also makes smart business sense.

“We also know that the women currently working in the industry simply love what they do and want to help other women join them.”

 As well as providing tools and resources to help businesses recruit women, the initiative will also celebrate the success of women in automotive training and careers and link them as mentors to other women to help their journey to the industry.

The collective partners (Collison Repair Association, MITO - Te Pūkenga, Motor Industry Association, Motor Trade Association, Natasha Callister, NZME DRIVEN Car Guide and Otago Polytechnic – Te Pūkenga) represent and work with many groups across the sector, from school students and apprentices through to those in the corporate new vehicle sector.

Women in Automotive has been supported with a grant from Inspiring Futures Foundation.

“The support from IFF was fantastic and put to good use,” Mandy says.