3 July 2023

MTA Stands by Customers Affected by WoF Breach

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) will support vehicle owners who recently had their warrant of fitness revoked by Waka Kotahi, after an investigation revealed they weren’t issued by a certified inspector.

Waka Kotahi has notified MTA that 677 warrants issued over the last 10 months by Newmarket Auto Repairs, an MTA member, have been revoked with effect from July 7.

MTA Chief Executive Lee Marshall says Newmarket Auto Repairs’ membership has been immediately suspended while a full investigation is carried out into the serious breach.

“For more than 100 years MTA has stood for integrity, safety and professionalism. We take that very seriously,” Lee says.

“To say we are extremely disappointed would be an understatement.

“Our first concern is for people who have been disadvantaged and inconvenienced.”

Waka Kotahi wrote to the affected vehicle owners last week to inform them that their vehicles would need to be re-tested. Now MTA is taking action to ensure they aren’t out of pocket.

“Although responsibility lies with Newmarket Auto Repairs, MTA will issue on an ex gratia basis a $50 MTA voucher to all affected customers who are unsuccessful in getting reimbursement directly from the business. Fifty dollars is the amount Newmarket Auto Repairs advertised for a warrant. Customers can use the voucher at any MTA member business.

“There will, unfortunately, always be those that let everyone down, but we want to assure motorists that the blue MTA badge still stands for honesty, quality and professionalism.”

Lee says the warrant of fitness plays a vital role in road safety, and its integrity is not negotiable.

“Safety first and foremost is our founding principle,” Lee says.

“We began our investigation as soon as we were notified by Waka Kotahi about the breach.

“MTA is extremely disappointed that one of members has broken our rules and Code of Ethics, and misled and inconvenienced so many vehicle owners.”

“We have a set of high standards to which we hold members to account.  There is the opportunity for us to review and improve our member standards as a consequence. 

“I would also like to commend Waka Kotahi for their rigorous audit process that first detected the issue.  They have our full support, and long may it continue. 

“More positively, this is an excellent opportunity for us to remind all members of their obligations,” Lee says.

More details on how affected customer can claim their voucher will be released in due course.

  • MTA Gift Vouchers can be used at any MTA member nationwide for petrol, repairs or other services. A form for affected customers to apply for their voucher can be found here. For more information about MTA Gift Vouchers visit our shop

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