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MotorWeb Car History Check

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Choose MotorWeb, our business partner for car history checks, and buy that car with confidence!

How do I get a Car History Check?

Get an instant car history check online now...>>

Alternatively, you can contact the MotorWeb call centre on 0800 843847

Did you know?

Every year thousands of cars are stolen and many find their way back into the market place. These unscrupulous sellers rely on the fact that some unsuspecting buyer will not do a car history check. They lose the car and their money.

Many sellers will need to sell their car to pay off the loan on it, and then there’s the others who deliberately try to pass on their debts. You risk the car being repossessed by the finance company if you obtain it with the finance agreements still in force.

MTA's business partner, MotorWeb, provide a comprehensive 70-point car history check. MotorWeb’s Vehicle Information Report (VIR) will enable you to buy your second-hand car with confidence. Other key checks include:

  • Wound odometers
  • Damaged Import
  • Registered owners**

The VIR report clearly highlights any problems and provides a full explanation of what you need to do about them. View a sample car history report.

MotorWeb's VIR is New Zealand’s leading car history check – with thousands of car history reports generated every month by; registered motor vehicle traders, finance and insurance companies, and members of the public.