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MEDIA RELEASE 4 November 2021

MTA welcomes product stewardship regulations for tyres and large batteries

Motor Trade Association (MTA) Sector Manager for Energy and Environment Ian Baggott welcomes the release of the Government's consultation document on its proposed product stewardship regulations for tyres and large batteries.

"This is a big step forward for our industry and has been a long time coming. The proposed regulations will support the implementation of the Tyrewise product stewardship scheme. To finally have a solution in sight for the 6.5 million tyres that reach the end of their useful life each year is the culmination of a concerted year's long effort by the automotive sector," says Mr. Baggott.

MTA, along with other industry participants, have been pushing for the introduction of this product stewardship scheme for ten years.

Mr. Baggott congratulated Minister Parker for his action, saying, "this is a significant step forward in finally removing barriers for businesses and individuals to do the right thing in terms of disposing of end-of-life tyres."

Combined with the recently released National Environmental Standard covering outdoor storage of tyres, the Tyrewise program will avoid further environmental disasters where illegal tyre dumps have caught fire.

"We are also pleased the Government is proactively addressing the disposal of large batteries. It is good public policy to anticipate the massive increase in electric vehicle batteries, so acting now is a prudent step,” added Mr. Baggott.

The Minister's announcement should be viewed as part of a wider policy objective to remove unsafe, high polluting light vehicles from our roads. This is supported by the MTA.

"The scrappage scheme already mooted by the Government is another key part of the jigsaw. Both tyres and batteries are integral parts of any scrappage scheme, and today's is another milestone in the process. We support all moves towards ensuring safer and cleaner driving in New Zealand," ended Mr Baggott.