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Hero Media Release Holidays 22

MEDIA RELEASE 20 December 2022

Tips for safety and savings on the road these holidays

Now that 2022 is coming to a close, we’re all looking forward to a well-earned break.

For many of us, that means the annual road trip to the bach, the beach, and catching up with family.

Here are MTA’s tips to keep you safe on the roads and save money on fuel, leaving you bonus bucks to buy some fancy snarlers for the BBQ.

  • Make sure your car has a current Warrant of Fitness and registration and has been serviced (an MTA member can help you with this >>)
  • Check your tyres’ tread condition and depths before you head off. Our weather been out of sorts this summer so far, so ensure your tyres are up to the task, and you won’t be on the side of the road unpacking your car to get out your spare wheel and tools
  • Check your tyre pressures. Low tyre pressures have a significant impact on the handling of your vehicle and your fuel economy. Refer to your owner handbook or the tyre placard for correct inflation pressures
  • Load your vehicle safely. Load heavier objects in first against body work or seats and avoid stacking heavy or large items above the top of the rear seat. This is especially crucial in SUVs - you don’t want that chilly bin coming forward if you perform an emergency stop!
  • Have a quick walk around your vehicle and check all your lights are functioning correctly
  • Check your trailer or caravan if you’re towing one. This includes making sure your towbar is up to standard, and understanding what your vehicle is legally allowed to tow
  • Don’t overload your vehicle, trailer or boat. Know and understand the requirements when towing, especially with additional weight now under your control while towing. You are responsible, so think safety!
  • When you get to your destination, if you’re running a storage or top box, think about removing it if you intend to do extended road trips. Top boxes add drag to your vehicle, and will have an impact on your fuel economy whether empty or full
  • Go easy on the gas pedal to help save on fuel, and leaving that little bit of extra room to the vehicle in front can be the difference between a great day or a very bad one.

For more helpful tips, head to our motorist tips section >>

Lastly, drive safely, responsibly and respect other motorists. Everyone is trying to get somewhere, so let’s all get there happy and enjoy Christmas and New Year!

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