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MTA to Government: Extend Clean Car Upgrade to all

The Government’s scrappage scheme – the Clean Car Upgrade – announced today is a great step but the Motor Trade Association is calling on the Government to go even further.

MTA has long called for a scrappage scheme and is pleased to see it included in today’s Emission Reductions Plan of measures to reduce emissions.

The Clean Car Upgrade will help lower and middle income households transition to low-emitting “EVs, PHEVs and hybrid” (according to a joint media release from Ministers Michael Wood and James Shaw) vehicles in exchange for scrapping their old vehicle. A pilot of the scheme will involve up to 2500 vehicles and begin next year.

“We are glad the Government has seen the benefit of a scrappage scheme, which is an important step in the transition of the national fleet to protect future generations,” says Advocacy Manager Greig Epps.

“We support the Government’s goals and strongly agree that the transport sector needs to address the harmful emissions it creates. It’s good to see that lower and middle income households will be supported in changing to zero emission vehicles. But why stop there?

Why not make the scheme available to all New Zealanders? And while we acknowledge that electric vehicles have a significant part to play in reaching our greenhouse gas targets, so too do low-emitting internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. For some Kiwis, they are a more affordable option, even with Government support.

ICE vehicles are going to be around for years to come, even if we weed out the clunkers. So we need to make sure they are part of the plan. Because moving to a low-emitting ICE vehicle is also a positive step people can take.

MTA looks forward to seeing more detail around the scheme.

Even with the scheme, many households might need to borrow to buy their new vehicles. There needs to be protection in place for those households, so they are not stretching themselves financially,” Greig says.

And MTA says the increase in the EV fleet needs to be matched with an infrastructure that supports users.

This will be relevant to the social leasing scheme that will support low-income families to lease low-emission vehicle from a community organisation.

Overall, MTA CEO Ian Pike says the biggest challenge and goal for the Government must be to create a behavioural, societal shift around vehicle use and climate change.

“New Zealanders can’t just be legislated or regulated into changing behaviour. Everyone must come on the journey willingly and enthusiastically.

Today’s announcement isn’t the full answer, but it does help give households the means and ability to make a difference.”