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Lobbying and advocacy

The leading voice for the automotive industry and motorists.

MTA has represented automotive professionals and supported and protected the interests of the motoring public for almost 100 years.

Our advocacy and lobbying work has stimulated discussion and influence with stakeholders, government, regulators and media. We are often asked by government and agencies to comment on issues affecting both our members and the motoring public.

Not only do we assess the potential effects that legislation may have on businesses, but we also represent member’s views to government. We look at the issues and work to avoid any potential problems before they affect members or the public.

Lobbying work

We work on a range of industry issues of legislative and regulatory programmes. Some of the submissions over the past year include:

  • Vehicle Licensing Reform
  • ACC levies
  • Consumer law reform
  • Consumer Finance and Credit Contracts legislation
  • Minimum wage increase
  • Road User Charges
  • Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Review of essential skills in demand list
  • Update to a number of transport rules
  • Border inspection process for vehicles
  • Access to the motor vehicle register